Q: Tron is a lot cheaper than most photo booths, what's the catch?

A: No catch...our quality and service is second to none! :) 


Q: How far will you travel?

A: We are located in Lebanon, OH.  We have traveled as far south as Maysville, KY and as far north as Piqua, OH.  At no additional costs!


Q: Why is your booth named "Tron"?

A: It sounded cooler than "Ron"...Actually, no one really knows...but I can say he has become a part of the family, him and his brother Tron 2.0.


Q: Who is Tron 2.0?

A: Our updated booth (See YOLO package for more info)


Q: Is Tron really from the Ukraine?

A: No...this a joke.


Q: Has Tron really been around since 1987?

A: No...also a joke :)